I have contributed travel photography to newspapers including Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Montreal Gazette, Ottawa Citizen, Boston Globe and Washington Post, along with magazines like Canadian Yachting, Sailing, Saltscapes, All At Sea, Cruising World, Dreamscapes and Ensemble Vacations, and you can see my fine art photography in a variety of settings and galleries. Both my travel and fine art photography have garnered numerous awards. I have studied at New York Institute of Photography and Niagara School of Imaging and have graduated from the Humber College Photographic Techniques Programme with Honours. I am a member of a multitude of organizations from professional travel associations to fine arts groups.

Artist Statement

Art comes from the inner self. It is an escape from the everyday world and a pleasure that brings together sensory, emotional and intellectual processes. It is beauty and enlightenment, but mostly a way of seeing the world. A sense of fun and spontaneity characterize my work. My ultimate goals are vibrant and contrasting colours, complementing lines that are strong or sensual, and simplicity of design in order to create a sort of visual music with its own distinct rhythm.